Soft on Reputation?

February 7, 2003

in COMsumers

There seems to be a very technical approach to “reputations” that exists. Like the “structured” identity. How would you build “soft” human reputations in cyberspace? Rather than the result of each exchange being favors.. or hit statistics… or harder facts. How do you build reputation with dignity?

Should I draw a parallel? Is current reputation memory technically correct like words? How does this contrast with Sam Hunter’s talk last night (previous post) about topic mapping? It seems the current reputation construct is like google and words. Whereas “topics” are what you and I talk about. Computers don’t have words for that. So how can they compile the “topics” for reputation?

Separately, behavior takes many forms. I’m betting that a part of RYZE works by being watchful. Potentially your friends are watchful too? From this some trust emerges. Seems to me at Ryze and in building reputations we aren’t using the trust of our friends very well.

There is a post today… britt blaser Escapable Logic

“Peer Brother is Watching You
That inevitable future may seem bleak, but perhaps only because we haven’t got our head around the effect of decentralized peer-based surveillance. Intermediaries always act contrary to the interests of those for whom they intermediate, so we assume that a video-archived future is through corporate and government surveillance serving the interests of those powerful enough to control the “public” record. That is not what Peer Surveillance will be like.”

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