Power Networks

February 11, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation

Two posts on Power Laws that have been blogged well elsewhere kept my interest while trying to stay current. Clay Shirky’s piece on Power-laws Weblogs and Inequality. Seems not everyone agrees and that’s useful. Ross Mayfield was talking about Power Laws prior to the Shirky piece and has an excellent follow-up. “Distribution of Choice“.

I can’t quite get my head around the tie to three distinct networks political, social and creative, other than it conveniently fits with the Tipping Point inputs. It may be useful to think about the racheting in this way. Still why stop here? My tech network is different from my environmental network that is different to my economic network, my learning network etc.

This reminded me of work done by Karen Stephenson whose methodology has been applied extensively in organizations. Searching for an update, guess what another link to Ross’s Blog – Trust Networks.

There is an enormous amount of human context that remains out of these “mappingl” studies. Some years ago we developed a questionnaire “Trust in Networks”. It was based round the simple idea that looked at the competences of a team, the amount of trust, and the improvement potential. It calibrated on ones peers. We used log scales to score it effectively. See the Network Capital Multiplier“. I’d have to reconnect the back-end. Not tonight. I’m happy to share the output report on request. May provide a few useful ideas.

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