ID Idealism

February 12, 2003

in COMsumers

I just logged in to Mitch’s blog and am pleased to see he’s taken up the charge again with “The Digital ID Pledge“. I liked this statement:

“The individual ID idealism is the nut of a new way of interacting and federated ID systems are the perpetuation of what came before — what do you want, something new or the same-old same old?”

Which led me to JOHO and the “You First Pledge“. With all respect we are looking for systems that help create a lifetime of value and exchange. “You First” is so first contact and corporate centric as to be meaningless for ongoing trusting relationships.

Lets face it. The more customized I want my product or service the more information or data access I must share. A company with my profile (if I’m profitable) may well want to find others with a similar profile. Consumers or their agents can share that information. They can also control access to their attention.

Individual ID idealism is IOWNME. Let me cast a shadow I am comfortable with. Let me learn without fear, please acknowledge that the needs, and desires I hold for tomorrow might not be the same as yesterday. You can never know everything there is to know about me, so please don’t try, for I don’t like being misconstrued. Data alone without context is often flawed. Please accept that my friends and I are human! I want to share, and do. I also know my information has value. If you share it with me I can combine it with what others know. My info agents can then help you without bothering me. And yes that means there might just be a price on my information. You can add it to the cost associated with creating offers I may need for which I am not yet aware. For that I will manage access — never be totally closed to new input. I too must learn and then along with my peers will learn from your actions. We will behave accordingly.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to post a comment lifted from my post a couple of days ago on JOHO.

We want a simple solution. Let’s make it one that gives “all of us” more power not less.

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