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February 18, 2003

in General Interest

Brain overload. So many connections over last couple of days with many links and no time to blog them. They are out there in blogsphere somewhere. The context for much remains in the mind and between the links. These threads are thus placesetters.

Andre Durand on Intersecting Identity. “do so in such a way that only ‘certified’ individuals (people who have been added to your Personal Area Network or Roster) can actually send you email (thereby eliminating spam) — now we might have something both unique, new and interesting.”

Few posts around Tony Perkins new venture AlwaysOn uses as the customer database. Good to see others found the model both intriguing and scary.

There have been recent CNET postings and comments by Jonathon Patterson on ENUM a clever way to bring phone numbers to web addressess. More leads may add to the confusion. This reminds me slightly of .geo (SRI initiative) where url was a geograpic mapped location. I’m not sure what value phone numbers have in a mobile voip world. Can someone tell me how a phone number adds to my sense of identity? Yahoo IM doesn’t need a phone number. We choose our own!

Then Flemming Funch on

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