Perils of E-Mail

March 10, 2003

in General Interest

A recent article in Fortune provides another angle on why we all should be concerned about the “Perils of E-Mail“. When electronic information takes on a life of it’s own, where context can be debated and records may be incomplete, looks like the lawyers win. Should we wonder why consumers are scared about going online? The press frankly doesn’t help. We have “Death by Spam”, now “Perils of E-Mail”, and that’s not even closing in on identity fraud, and credit theft. Should we wonder why consumers adopt different identities, IM names that aren’t their own etc.? Why are we looking at national do not call lists?

The Perils of E-Mail
“It was supposed to make life easier. Now e-mail has become a prosecutor’s No. 1 weapon and the surest way for companies to get sued. How e-mail became e-vidence mail–and why the solution is often worse than the problem.” FORTUNE Monday, February 3, 2003 By Nicholas Varchaver

Separately at AlwaysOn Network “The Social Risks of New Technologies“I see the increased public attention and the general level of clamoring as the beginning of full-scale social debate on a truly complex set of issues.”

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