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March 10, 2003

in general

A friend suggested today we create a private blog and I said I’d take a look. We had been talking about Pmachine in comparison to MT. Similarly I’m being encouraged to look at the taxonomies and vocabulary capabilities of Drupal. When I started on MT – Drupal looked to be the other viable alternative, just a little complicated at the time.

On the private blog front I’ve just managed it setting aside a part of my site as private and enabling MT to post a new blog to that location. So now it can extend to a larger private audience. This seems preferable to a list serve, particularly if a general taxonomy and vocabulary exists for the group. I imagine it wouldn’t be that hard to thus enable threaded news feeds and a private/public blog for me of all contributions to various discussions.

I’m thinking this as my current paradigm sees me in more and more groups. The more I join the more scattered I am and the less control and time I have. Not to mention my data is left everywhere.

Be nice if they all came to me. It’s a big ask currently! I’m on too many lists, groups, networks etc. I can’t e-mail, blog, wiki etc all at the same time. Thus the tacit knowledge created by sharing and creative friction in groups and carried across by me requires extra effort to multiply it’s impact.

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