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March 14, 2003

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Good to see Mitch picking up on Andre Durand’s Feb post. I just did a little check. Realize at the time I left only a short link and yet I thought it a major milestone. So if you haven’t read Tiers 1-3 and thought already about hijacking the Liberty Alliance protocol you should.

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“DigIDers waking up
Andre Durand, who will have a great deal of influence over how we control our personal information in the future is finally coming around to the notion that our identity begins and ends with our control over the information that describes us. Good to see that.”

“Andre goes so far as to say people should hijack the Liberty Alliance protocol because it was “designed by corporations for corporate federation of Tier 2 identities.” My point all along, despite some back channel comments that I was being too idealistic. In the context of the emergent democracy discussion, this move to individual sovereignty is absolutely essential. It is also gratifying to see my friend Dee Hock jumping into the emergent democracy debate.”

“The project Andre outlines needs an economic catalyst. I think I know what that is, and Britt and Stuart have pieces that can make a tremendous impact on giving people an incentive to participate. There is a very simple business model involving store fronts in strip malls, but many folks seem fixated on nothing-but-Net ideas.”

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