March 16, 2003

in COMsumers

I hope Marc talks to Duncan Work at NetDeva. Owen Davis at IDCommons and a few radicals that may see good n bad. Marc’s Voice suggesting

“Nic Nyholm of Ascio and I have been theorizing as to what it would take to establish an for linking various identity systems together. As of today, I have talked about these ideas to Adrian Scott at Ryze, Doc, Joi, Scoble, Mitch, Paolo, Dave Sifry, Eric/Bryan/Andre (of SourceID), Mark Graham of iVillage, Ross and Pete (of SocialText), Jason, Chris, Karsten, Lisa, Kevin, Jonathan and a bunch of other people too!”

Part of this is really a pretty neat idea. Marc goes on to say:

Wherever your name appears in any identity system listing, little word-icons would appear, surrounding your name – pointing to the OTHER identity systems you were a member of. For existing members of these systems, this serves as a shortcut – while for non-existing members, it serves as a way of introducing them to the capabilities and features of these new systems – they might be familar with. (See his graphic.)

I can hear the technical discussion raging…. However is this not like the wallhanging gallery for a lifetime academic? Really as a simple web surfer do I want to broadcast all my various online profiles. Perhaps to those I trust or where it will indeed broker further introductions. However this need not be visible. A trusted agent could share this for me.

As for profiles as a consumer they all get the bare minimum to participate. The effort currently is too much to share more. I already have so many I can’t remember the passwords. Do I really want an Identity System listing that puts me at 50 different places? No I want 50 different places to accept my profile. Dependent on my relationship with them will determine how much I will share.

While Marc’s example is consumer friendly do I want to advertise my profile with my bank or my credit card company? I don’t think so. Or will they pay me for the association?

I’m yet to hear “consumer economics” or hear the passion that enables everyone on earth to be connected. I’ve yet to see an “Identity” system that is consumer friendly. If broadscale adoption is required it also must address the economics of attention and reduce consumer costs. Let’s start by thinking myidentity, youridentity, our identity, etc. In these concepts we are talking about “circles of trust”, directory listings, sharing, communities, collaboration etc. Integrating these in a personal knowledge centric sharing and connectivity system may help me manage my life better. Done right it will also establish higher levels of trust and increased sharing.

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