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March 18, 2003

in COMsumers

Xpertweb may one day turn the world upside down.

Flemming’s partners are chiming in. Now there should be progress.

From RatcliffeBlog: Business, Technology & Investing Mitch reports:

“I’ve been working with Britt Blaser and Flemming Funch on the design of the Xpertweb and it has got me thinking about a number of questions raised in recent years about the role of the buyer, the employee and the citizen, who always seem to come out on the short end of the deal when there is some pre-existing power arrayed against them. The promise of progress is of improvement, and not just for the few, if you look at the history of the world.”

Britt Blaser reports in Escapable Logic“The True MINGing of Xpertweb.
Flemming Funch, AKA Ming the Mechanic, has posted an overview of Xpertweb’s precepts and processes, emphasizing that everything’s public and everything’s decentralized and there’s no central greedpoint. Ming’s description carries more weight than others, since he’s the guy who’s putting it into practice. His approach to building this web app is to make it as simple as possible

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