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March 19, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation

Via Blogs and Bloggers on Ryze Ton Zijlstra shares Lilia Efimova’s comments of new search tool that was made by Micah Alpern. “It lets you search the world (via google), your own blog (via google site search) and, the big bonus, the blogs you read (by searching through all blogs you provide the rss feeds for). This is great for searching your friends writing on a particular topic. I wish it could now do a friends of friends search too using blogrolls! Can anyone do this?

This was just the first posting that made me think again more decentralized more blog centric. The second was a post enhanced by Marc Canter suggesting pictures with blogrolls. Now that’s a functionality I wish I had! Add a new person, and get their picture as optional as well. Be even better if the picture traced to their Ryze like profile (whether on the blogsite or not)! This would really help me share my space with my friends and visitors.

When discovering a new blog there is often the potential for further new connections the blogger’s blogroll. However, while the post that brought you to the site may have been interesting, surfing their friends blogs may fail to match your interests (or be dated) when you click on the link. So often I’d prefer to learn about the people that are being linked to. By adding pictures and linking back to Ryzeish like profiles a broader sphere of influence and sharing could be created. While semi standardised profiles may not suit everyone, they certainly make it easier to grasp a quick personal overview. It may also accelerate new introductions.

So blogrolling hasn’t yet made it as easy as RYZE to check out friends of friends. Similarly a blogroll lacks the friends touch. They may be friends or just representative of places you link to. That could more appropriately be done by sharing your news feeds (then I may want to sort them as well). Perhaps the blogroll could also be integrated with a contact manager and a Linkify type service as well, making it even easier to share files amongst blogger and non-bloggers.

Now if you link to Lilia’s post today she provides in “The power of articulation, weblogs and KM” a useful narrative for thinking about PKM – Personal Knowledge Managment. I’ve added Mathemagenic to my blogroll.

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