Blog Update Required

March 24, 2003

in General Interest

I’ve just added the search function linked to yesterday by Micah. I searched my friends for Digital Identity. Pretty cool. It does take a while to crank though the list. must check the code and see if I can get it to list the last 3 posts per friend… most recent first. It’s referencing my Radio subscriptions file which is similar to my current blog role. In using this search tool I have no idea what information value is collected, while it operates from Micah’s site. Seems like a neat function. Why aren’t these things just incorporated into MT?

I have a feeling it’s time to change the look of this blog. Fix the things that don’t work. Try some other templates etc. Perhaps soon. Having just checked the new Plug-ins Directory there is plenty more I could busy myself with.

While I’ve delayed playing with this one, I have changed my radio news clips blog and it’s now ftp-ing to

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