Identity Dilemma

March 27, 2003

in COMsumers

I found myself searching for clarity this week. Somedays I wonder why a strategic marketer would spend so much time thinking about myidentity. It’s certainly not vanity, indeed trying to nurture a “profile” solution is at least one step removed from additional income. So it’s nice to know it’s not simple and it is clear what’s required.

Britt Blaser’s latest on Identity. I’m still trying to get my head round the Xpertweb Mentor Agreement. His comments:

“…the only way to really own your ID is to host it as your own web service on a server only you control. And that’s the model for Xpertweb ID services. Each user’s id, xpwid.xml, is one of the three core Xpertweb datasets, along with Productname.xml and taskname.xml.Your ID file provides the usual datatypes plus any optional datatypes you like, so subsets of your data can be selectively exposed on any basis you like. Or not. Your info, your server, your rules.”

“…….we still haven’t solved the real dilemma: this model isn’t what we want. We don’t want separate IDs everywhere, whether singly or in arbitrary affinity groupings. We want a single sign-on, preferably encrypted in our browser, Java ring or biometrics, that works everywhere. But we don’t want our data centralized, which would leave us hostage to an identity czar.”

Read the piece.

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