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April 7, 2003

in General Interest

I’m testing out a new WYSIWYG text editor I’ve just installed.  Just frustrating to have such limited functionality in the base edition.  (Note this only works with Internet Explorer 5.5+ for Windows). 

This post uses the new Wysiwyg editor Colors, bullets, indent, pictures etc.

I also managed the upgrade to 2.62.  I’m still looking for clarification from the help group on why my installation doesn’t ping appropriately.  With the upgrade each failure is now noted in my Activity Log.  It’s always been a manual ping so far.  I have LWP installed — from the support groups that seems to be the problem. There isn’t a one line solution.   

I’ve also experimented with other plug-ins etc before.  For the most part I’ve had little real success and I’ve learnt that playing around is time consuming.  

Update on the Wysiwyz, is it is not perfect.  Copying a document from word meant that I had an immediate conflict with my CSS stylesheet.  If I’d copied into the extended entry column and then to the top box I’d have been ahead.  Will use for a week.  May not be the solution I’d hoped. 

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