Conversational Identity

April 8, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation

Mathemagenic: learning and KM insights – : writing about identity and knowledge. Her interpretation:

  1. identity is important to provide context for knowledge flows
  2. identity is built in conversations
  3. weblogs do not provide “proper” conversational ground

“I fully agree with 1 and 2  (and I’m interested to hear more arguments about 1). I do not agree with point 3, especially in this context. We can discuss if weblogs are good for a meaningful dialogue [see previous conversations], but their added value for identity building is more visible. Observing someone thinking, reflecting and participating in several conversations gives better understanding of his/her context than even in-depth discussions in one community. This is especially true for community straddlers who stretch between different communities/contexts.”

I’d have to agree. Adding to the conversational context with profiles and exchanges of “contact” information would significantly enrich and accelerate early connection amongst unknown bloggers.  Similarly enabling a “rich profile” exchange would expand the linkings and potential for new introductions as trust builds.

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