Indirect Sharing of Blogs

April 8, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation

Can blogging add value to e-mails? Yes! A conversation generated Idea.  Each time I open my newreader I pick-up those 25 word short extractions of what my friends are thinking about.  Could Outlook forward mine on…. a little like the daily quote!…. thinking about today….???

Seamlessly incorporate it automatically in the signature on an e-mail post that typically includes static information company, phone website etc.  So now my e-mail message finishes with a short postscript pulled from my blog.  Or even from a friends blog or some other news service. 

A static blog link is nowhere near as useful as an active one.  Similarly a “feed” from my blog should require no explanation.

It may have other benefits.  Imagine I’m sending a message across the organization.  I’ve got a team working on this project.  They are all blogging their progress, rather than copying the world with cc e-mails.  My e-mail now includes short snips from my team.   My personal message now includes a focused “direct” info asset and a current indirect synopsis as a team brief which may also add context.  The reader can check at their option, subscribe to the RSS feeds etc. 

From my perspective, it might reframe my blogging slightly.  However, just like including a useful profile, my current blog would add a little more of me to my message at no real cost to me. 

The answer must already be out there.  Newgator (inbound) and possibly Sam Ruby’s experiments are in this realm? 

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