Smart Conversational Locator

April 9, 2003

in COMsumers

Marc Canter sums up Ross’s post — what if one tool could enable:

  • Personal (private) Networks – are for storing your media, email, IM, your web page and blog and managing your Home LAN. my circle
  • Creative (group) Networks (sometimes also called Community or Village) – are (as Ross points out) ideal for collaboration.  But also that intimate clustering or people that just feels warma nd fuzzy (I personally think this size can go up to 25 people)   our circle
  • Social Networks – which can bloom into Political Networks – are all really part of an open ended public kind of community – are the metaphor for communication, publishing and all things interactive. many circles?

My “red” thinking Identity Circles.  Could it be called my profile? Could I own it? Could it travels in circles approved by me?  Would it is expand and grow cooperatively and collaboratively?  

Would it be a form of SMART CONVERSATIONAL LOCATOR? If so it needs better treatment than my e-mail phone number and home mailbox.  I hope it manages my attention at my command rejecting unwarranted intrusions while constantly nurturing the types of exchanges my friends and I respond to where ever I may be.

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