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April 21, 2003

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A whole new world just opened up! My frustration with blogging and trying to install various functions traced almost completely to a poor service provider.  For the past few weeks I’ve thought about conversational blogging (I’ve been sitting on a post never quite got it how I wanted. Will post next.)

I’m looking for conversation and my blog format doesn’t encourage it.  It doesn’t yet contain some of the elements I’ve enjoyed with Ryze, there’s no guestbook etc.   So I’ve been busy trying to change things.  For a long time I’ve felt that blogging systems are not easy, friendly or particularly helpful when it comes to documentation.  The flood of people still taking up blogs I hope will apply more pressure on suppliers and hosts to come up with better solutions. While I’ve enjoyed the learning lesson many should be buying a good setup service.  Ah the capabilities I have to start people in blogging today!

So my experience has run the full spectrum in the last few days. From finding a new provider Insider Hosting which has cut my monthly fee in half and more than doubled space and bandwidth.  In addition I can now host my other domains have a nifty control panel and let rip with everything from guestbooks, forums, chat, publishing, to emails and lists.  I’m impressed. I’m also building out my site so it’s not transferred yet. I also am just stunned. Before I heard open source.  Trying instant installations of phpwebsite, three different forums etc. The tools are revolutionary and they are hear now. 

Consequently I completed a new installation of MT, moved to MYSQL (whatever that means) and have now almost got to the point where I can move things over.  Today has brought my back to MT template and stylesheets. Something I was meaning to do for ever! In a week when on the new site I should finally get Trackbacks to work! I note pinging from there already does.  Something I’ve never managed with this current provider.

I put up with the flaws in my MT installation because I really didn’t know much better.  There’s no website garage for MT that I know of.  I put up with my host provider because I assumed I was getting great everything.  Like the telephone company, you think it is hard to change.  It’s a little more than a phone call.  It’s still not hard.  In their case I don’t think they were interested in the little guy! So much for Hurricane Electric 

PS I’ll take all ideas for further improvements.  I found I had to strip some items out of the templates today.  They won’t work until I move it over.  I’m most proud that  I worked out how to create drop down boxes in my header.  Took me ages!

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