Blog Ecology

April 22, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation

The mass of statistics, rankings, associations, blogback links, GeoURl references is increasing rapidly.  As you will see from the top right I’ve formally added links to Blogshares, Blogstreet, GeoURl, Technorati and BlogTree

I’ve just staked my claim on Blogshares, no time to play. There’s also an MT-Plugin for it. Not yet installed.  Take a quick look at the the stats.  Blogstreet’s visual map is fantastic although it may take some time to load.  For the first time I can see via Blog Street a listing of who’s blogrolling me. A finally if anyone hasn’t been watching the changes at Blogrolling then it’s time to take another look.  It’s becoming a real nice convenience package.  You’ll see my Blogroll changing shortly to reflect the new functionality.  

There’s just enough mass (numbers) now to fuel a like Cambrian Explosion.  We are entering a relatively short time where the new species emerge.  Best be watching, ratcheting up your learning and ready for the knowledge innovation to follow. 

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