May 23, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation

 Just sharing two pictures from France.  The first a shot of Chateau Fontainebleau – magnificent – grand and simply a little too large for me.  Clearly upkeep is a problem. 

And here’s George who lives in walking distance to CF and his desk. May seem like a simple insight for all those graphic designers with multi-screens — made me just envious.  It was also a useful insight.  Working on multi-documents, conversations etc. Just made me realize how useful an expanded dashboard would be.  Two screens / maybe three.  Now I know some will say screen within a screen, yet that’s not good enough.  It’s simply too small on the majority of screen. 

Think Screens.  For those thinking about reinventing their business and making a statement about how the tools will be used it’s time to up the number of screens on a desk.   There’s an old story from years ago about Jan Karlson who headed SAS airlines who put a monitor on his desk to keep track of ontime arrivals.  Unlikely that a new “dashboard” statement have would have quite the same power, yet it may start some new conversations for the CKO’s. 

So.  Are two monitor screens better than one? What are the benefits? Most of us never really get the chance. If your an innovator in an organization should you consider two screens?   

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