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May 24, 2003

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One of the outcomes of my trip to France was a renewed desire to build a more collaborative and collective blogging space.  Thus that’s what I’ve been doing for the last week.  More will be forthcoming.  However, it’s worth sharing some observations now. 

My objective is to setup a new public site (new business) that embraces emerging conversational tools while trying to create it around a blogging framework.  I’ve recently observed the impact that trackbacks and visibility have.  They create a form of social credit and strengthen bonds of mutual interest. 

Similarly, I’ve yet to see a company that blogs product releases in a way that gets comments and trackbacks.  They may well be there but certainly not with the big guys. Are not Trackback like word of mouth marketing?  When you create a release you immediately find your suppliers blogging it with trackbacks and putting their slant on it. 

As we are currently working with 5 team members we thought we’d continue with MT despite it’s scalablilty and taxonomy shortcomings (well aware of Drupal / Scoop which have been blogged here earlier.) Using MT to create a public site has taken me on a new journey.  By developing and harnessing the power of categories I can see a lot more can be done with “Category Driven Blogs” and corresponding RSS feeds. 

It’s also allowing the creation of new pages.  The first opportunity is to create pages that pull from select categories.  Eg About Us, Product Updates, Press Releases, etc. Of course authored by now becomes relevant.  Last five extracts keeping a profile up to date with no work what so ever. 

One thing I’m missing and would like to have.  Is the ability to easily sort comment and trackbacks received by author.  So far it seems there’s no easy MT solution.  I’ve recently experimented with MTCollate which enables postings, comments trackbacks etc to be organized in a timeline.  Some additional functionality around this would make for an intersting dashboard design.   See MT-Plugins

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