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May 27, 2003

in Ryze

I’ve been meaning to write an update on RYZE for sometime.  It featured earlier this year in may pages here and the RYZE homepage has just gone though another iteration.  I had hoped for so much more.  I still believe RYZE has a real opportunity, however, once you lose people or their interest it becomes hard to get them back. 

Dina Mehta  sums up on some of RYZE’s latest changes and pulls from a repository of research we orginally did in one of the forums.  She says:

“I had issues with the earlier one too .. but this one’s no better. I don’t like the look-feel for one, its messy and uninviting. The content gives me mixed signals too! I like the FOAF addition…

It’s a good summary and a welcome reminder to come back and summarize my experience todate.  Like Dina I dropped my gold membership and so did a number of buddies at the same time. In fact today was my first visit back in almost three weeks.  That’s suggest a problem with the format.  Frankly adding birthdays isn’t going to make it more compelling.  Then maybe the audience has changed.

It is a nice reminder to check back with my friends there and write a more detailed follow-up

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