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June 18, 2003

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From McGee’s Musings “treading Softly with blogs in organisations” Jim pulls a collection of posts from John Patrick, Frank Patrick and Jonathan Peterson and ….. the message is: Get small teams prototyping these tools. Get a time commitment. Success comes from using them. These are not threaded discussions, or forums.

Buried in this is the subtle promise of blogs and RSS aggregation as a tool for knowledge sharing in organizations. The simplicity of the tools allows them to be gently grafted on to existing processes and practices with minimal disruption. The challenge is to let this simplicity work its course. The tempation will be to over-design, over-engineer, and over-control. Resisting that temptation will depend on a strong sensitivity to the dynamics of organizations. We do live in interesting times for helping organizations and knowledge workers make better use of knowledge.

The value of blogging grows exponentially over time.  Still I wonder… do early adopters have a competitive advantage or are they persecuted for changing communications rules.  A lot will depend on the culture and the early activities. 

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