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June 20, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation, Social Networks

All communities need a purpose.  I just liked this as one quick way to think about your knowledge innovation practice.  It’s the type of chart one can whiteboard as part of a group discussion.  It’s contained in a presentation by Cynthia Typados’s for Planetwork Using her 12 principles.  Here is the link to the presentation.  You will have to scroll down to “Social Networking Sites vs. The 12 Principles”….  (Can’t reproduce it here or provide a direct link.  Shame really – it is locked in frames). 

Note the importance of idenity and reputation after purpose. Also mentioned was the article “It’s not what you know, It’s who you know” published in 2000 on FirstMonday.” I found it well worth going back and reading. 

We chose the term intensional to reflect the effort and deliberateness with which people construct and manage personal networks. The spelling of the term is intended to suggest a kind of tension and stress in the network. We found that workers experience stresses such as remembering who is in the network, knowing what people in the network are currently doing and where they are located, making careful choices from among many media to communicate effectively with people, and being mindful to “keep in touch” with contacts who may prove useful in the near or distant future. At the same time, “intensional” also suggests a “tensile strength” in network activity; we found our informants endlessly resourceful and energetic in their everyday collaborative activities within their networks.


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