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July 8, 2003

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From the New York Times another article on blogging (signs of improvement?) on Blogs in the Workplace.  The real impact will be on creating smarter teams. Some snips:

“People are going to the blogs every day as a source for news,” Mr. Jarvis said. But, he added, “I am disappointed in the tool,” because the hoped-for exchange of ideas among departments has not spontaneously developed. “You need specific goals,” Mr. Jarvis said. Typically, though, such experiments are not expensive to mount. 

Indeed it is not the tools it is how you learn to use them. Establishing the correct learning agenda and context is key.  I remember bringing in Laptops to the salesforce many years ago.  Each one at the time was worth 20% of the salespersons annual salary (very high tax country) and the economic justification was hard.  From my perspective the real payout came in intangibles.  My salesforce learning new tools, image – leading the pack, new interest in presenting data and crunching numbers, and answering my queries at night.  Was still hard to put a value on P-Spend savings or better shelf management and thus share gains.  Still in those days they learnt to use the tools on their time, and longer hours began. Now too many of them are slaves to the system.   

So this time the upgrade expense is not in the equipment and software, the expense will be in finding the right individuals to help facilitate the change. Like Mr. Tang below…. people want to work smarter not longer.  He gets it!

When I want to know something I check the Web log,” Mr. Tang said. “It saves me the trouble of e-mailing people or yelling across the room to get a status update.” 

Mr Tang is in an IM centric company, hardly typical yet apparently using blogs to get control of his time. 

Corporate Blogging is only just the beginning, the companies that understand the power of a “continuous team briefing process” and enable the grass roots to fuel the exchange will be the organizations that begin learning faster.  It’s time to RSSify your org.  The result will be moving work off e-mails and back into community work. My bet is intelligent solutions will quickly emerge just as other examples in the article are showing. 

Of note these new tools are being brought in from the fringe. What makes this really exciting is the potential to create entirely new operating systems.  We already know the hardware is a commodity and the software is cheap or open source.  Corporate Blogging is just the edge of a revolution that will harness the collective intelligence of organizations in new ways. It’s time to start thinking about the right people to have on board. 

Hmmm…. check you buddy list…..start your web cam, will your next employee be a blogger?  How long must they have blogged to be considered?  That reminds me of another post I never made on S-Blogs… search-blogs.  Blogs set up by individuals in the job search process.  Perhaps it is time to pull that one out too. 


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