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July 17, 2003

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Nice reminder on storytelling from David Gurteen below reminds me again of the storytelling work of Seth Kahan, Stephen Denning and others. You may also want to check out the discussion at WorkingStories

… just people telling short interesting personal stories. And each one uniquely and quite beautifully produced.

Here are their story-telling rules

  • Make it personal. (Use the word “I” or don’t write at all.)
  • Be honest. (Only true stories will be accepted.)
  • Keep it under 1000 words. (Please!)
The best submissions balance two goals: personal storytelling and emotional reflection. Don’t just tell us a story, tell us why it’s important and how it affected you. Remember that your story will end with a question for others to answer, so make sure you answer it, too. Sometimes it helps to think of the question in advance and treat your story as an especially well-prepared answer.

Finally, remember that {fray} is about personal storytelling. That means you should take us back to a moment that mattered to you and tell us all about it, from beginning to end, as if we were going through it ourselves. Your job is to make a stranger feel what you felt.

I love it! But it gets better. In ending each story with a question – you get to answer that question. So having read the story – you can read a whole set of personal answers to the question by other readers. Many of the stories/questions/answers are very moving. I’m sitiing her with tears in my eyes!

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