Are We Conscious?

July 19, 2003

in Strategic Foresight

I’m at the WFS World Future Society conference and there is a dearth of plugs and power. WIFI? So far forget it. It seems I can get a very weak signal via T-mobile from the Starbucks I presume across the street. The Hyatt Embarcadero for all effective purposes — I’m in the basement of backwardness. I registered this morning at a desk in the old fashioned way. There are no bar codes no RFID buttons, no access to the net, looks like no back channel chat, …… This seems to be quickly verifying one of the reasons I decided to attend. What are futurists? How future oriented are they?

In just fifteen minutes… I can see there is nary a laptop in sight – not that it is a criteria — I’m going to feel strange here. My blogs won’t be live. Will post them when I can.

I’ve had an interest in futures for many years. Probably like many people here. For me it was Alvin Tofflers first books as a teenager influenced by my Dad who was a rocket scientist.  Caught me in a lifelong curiosity about the future. 

After all these years I’ve never been to a WFS Conference before. A quick preview of the agenda suggests I explore some of the “spiritual and consciousness” agenda items, while continuing to try and track where they are on social change. I’m in a room of maybe 70 people. The average age is older than we’d like. There are many sessions avialable. Probably 700 here. It’s a little potluck. I chose this one because I recognized the names. It was a toss-up … this or an FBI guy on Homeland Security.

Session One. Peter Russell  “The Future Evolution of Consciousneess”. Key points paraphased.

How fast can we adapt to change? Can we find a deeper inner stability in ourselves? Need help to deal with stress. Lot of stress comes from living in the future. What we are realling looking for is a longing for the “experience” of the present. Human consiousness is not really valued by society. Newsmedia are not really interested in it. Not on politcal agenda, etc. Science basically ignore consiousness. Despite Science’s capability to to push back boundaries… nothing in science that explains why any of us have a certain thought. It’s an anomaly!!

Are we moving to a new model? Is consiousness as important as space time and matter? Is consiousness the “hard problem”? Are we approaching a new metaparadigm? This doesnt threaten physical sciences. What it does begin to do is open a whole new understanding of what people have been saying about deep experiences for 1000’s of years. The inner journey / mystics will be really crucial for where we are going. How can we free ourselves from our old mindset. Can we wake up to what makes us really think about what make us consious human beings.

Lot of stress here just trying to find a plug and I can forget WiFi. After so many recent conferences with WiFi everywhere I feel a little out of place… am the only one tapping away on a keyboard. Maybe I should be trying to aborb this at a deeper level. There are no slides in this session. Now the reason why I came to this session. Barbara Marx Hubbard

Conscious evolution is the context for the transition we are undergoing. Evolutionary concsiousness. The qualities are:

  1. Inner traditional the oneness the source the spirt …
  2. Extend backwards in space times… cosmogenisis or cosmic evolutionary consiousness expanded reality. Just identify with the billions of years that is embodied with our genetic DNA. She “surfs the spiral” and feels that surge of intense evolution in me. “How could I possibly be depressed?” Assoiciating with de… chardan.
  3. The rise of the cocreative human: a new type of human. with evolutionary consiousness to consciously evolve or destruct.  That is why evolutionary consciousness is a matter for human survival. If we assume that consciousness is prime. (Recommends: The LIFE DEVINE by? and the book The Jesus Mystery.)

This evolves — human evolutions. there are many types of homo sapiens sapiens… call it homo universalis… Are we becoming self-evolving? It is not a univeral universe it is a participatory. The emerging view of human universalis is a major step to consious evolutionary psychology. Emergence and convergence. Emergence out of Homo Sapiens Sapiens.  There are many menbers of this species that think their own consiousness is shifitng. It starts with a conception – an awakening, an opening a mystical experience. Once one has had a conception experience there is a gestation period within the wome of self consiousness.  You will feel there is something missing. The inner devine informing the essential self…. Shifting idenity from ego to essence. If the human specieis is going though a quantum jump in the noosphere a mature thinking layer what might be like on the other side of the transition? It becomes an interesting idea.

Can we retain a continuity of consciousness so we don’t keep forgetting? …. Can we remain consious though bodies …… the physical aspect of ourselves created though the consious side of things. The animal human lifecyle is completely ridiculous…. for if consiouness is prime… then we will become conscious creators on a universal scale… then we will be a universal species. consious co-creators… If consiousness is evolutionary …. can we expect to influence it… because we actually are… eg changing DNA… has led to the capacity to change our own evolution.

See Alan Lithman… “the evolutionary agenda” out of egoic transformations…. eg homo polaris… awakened to emergent capacities that is guided by an internal star of intuition. The technology that consciouness is creating has become disconnected from its rea meaning. “Voices of the Gods” book about resonance and being of the coming. “I am!” Is there a turing test for Consiousness. eg prayer affects sick patients. beyond faith… How might the unversality of consicousness come into being? Association made with Spiral Dynamics here. that seems relevant to me. See “EVOLVE” Barbaras…

What do i think about this sesssion This is a neat interpretation of the Singularity.

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