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July 19, 2003

in Strategic Foresight

Had an interesting conversation walking out of lunch after two mundane keynote presentations.  Makes me wonder… is the World Future Society really backward??? There certainly is a problem with the old conference format here.  Few people speak. I’m off to an education related presentation. 

I remember finding Dee Dickinson’s New Horizons for Learning site years ago.  I think I’m shopping on names I sort of know here. 

Next Milton Chin (George Lucas Educational Foundation). Moving Images.

Patrick McKercher – potential to individualize education — new media savvy kids aren’t learning in the same way. the evidence is accumulating that what we are doing doesn’t work for a growing number of students. How can we change our schools?

Students learn best by doing with others and now we can tailor education to have more project centered learning ….. Students building learning expereinces for other students. We can now do that very well. The metric was … how much didiyou memorize? Today the teacher becomes not the judge but the facilitator or learning coach.

The Knowledge Web” is a virtual organization the kind of world that you build inspires different activities. See also ActiveWorlds

This comment struck me.  It is now possible to educate students at less than 5000 dollars per year which is less than what California currently spends. Hi stakes testing…. is driving teachers to distracton… so teachers are cutting project based learning and education is going backward because it is test driven. The majority of the schools will fail to make the standards… and then federal funding will impact. 

Not a particularly inspiring session.  Expect the Education crisis to grow! 

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