All Vacations End

August 21, 2003

in General Interest

There is a nice quote from somewhere that says… “the future can no longer be taken for granted….. it just needs to be rescued.”

I saw different views on my vacation over the last 3+ weeks through England and France. Plenty of observations too around internet connectivity or the lack of it.  Generally connections were just simply too hard… from French phone plugs to cottages without land lines. At first I was frustrated.  By the time I found a free Internet connection near Alnwick in a pub courtesy of the Newcastle city council I’d put all e-mail on the back burner and just enjoyed it.  Yes it was a good time and I didn’t blog at all. Next time I’m not lugging my laptop at all.

Now I must get back to work.  Despite everything the future has never been brighter.  I might just be able to rescue some reflective thoughts later.  Right now I hope this post simply fixes the fact that my index page looks blank.  Look forward to picking up the conversations again.  My newsreader is going to be busy! 

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