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August 29, 2003

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Today after 4.75 years my trusty IBM 600E retires to other pastures and users. I’m not sure how you write an eulogy for a PC, other than to blog that this one served me well.  

It’s also a way to celebrate the pleasure of replacement for the new one is still black, looks the same and no-one will ever notice. For me the biggest benefit of all is starting with a clean slate! Like finding a new office… currently there is nothing loaded. 

IBM 600e

From day one I enjoyed the 600E’s portability, great screen and almost perfect reliablity.  With once exception it never failed me.  (I had to replace the screen which died at 37 months one month beyond the guarantee (purchased a replacement screen on eBay for $100 and one week later it was going again).  It’s gone from Win 98 to XP and Wi-Fi cards.  It memory is maxed out… and hard drive full.  It has had its day. 

From my perspective this is a great brand story.  Yes I’ve always felt good enough carrying it around.  Like an old Mercedes… Hard to tell which year and model you may be driving.  Even as others got faster notebooks mine keep on going.  Products like these deserve some timeless respect. 

Then I bet there is that feature it has that some hate and other love.  The little trackpoint in the middle of the keyboard.  Yep it’s on a few other laptops.  Other than…general performance it was the item that was most important in choosing a replacement.

No surprise – I bought another IBM.  T40 this time, on the outside… hard to tell, on the inside… well there’s a lot more inside. The only feature I wanted but couldn’t get was a DVD R burner on it.  Available on a Sony.  Still not sure Sony really provides appropriate next day sales and support service.  Oh yes I looked at Dell — but who wants to drive a Chevy. 

So I’m pleased… I know my T40 will ride better, drive, cruise and surf faster and actually run when the lights go out.  Still it is disappointing to realize that little real progress has been made in five years.  IBM, Intel, and Microsoft may disagree, yet I can think of nothing that I will be able to do with it… that will radically improve the way I work, communicate and have fun.  No wonder this market is full of commodity product.  Time manufacturers did some real innovative research. Nice if we could get some elegant design too!

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