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September 9, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation

Appreciate the good feedback and links on the Innovation Panels. See Ideaflow, Conversations and Halivais

Two other thoughts crossed my mind today. First via Phil WolffWeblogs Finding a Home in the Nation’s Workplace. includes an advertising agency example. Seeing as I’ve been talking to a market research co recently about blogging it just reinforced the value being created for client projects augmented with blogged notes. Similarly, some incentives should be placed for focus group members to share some reflections via a group blog after the event. A few categories would be useful… Eg… on what was said, post event observations, new ideas…. The best bloggers are recuited into blogging panels. For the researchers running focus groups.. this is an ideal way to augment their relationships.

Second is the ongoing need to reduce research costs – or at least get more bang for your buck. A few years ago that meant exploring and implementing programs around MarketTools, Zoomerang or similar. More recently, we find public examples like Communispace being able to create effective panels that also enable some quick and dirty statistical sampling. Not only reducing research costs… these companies are moving faster “taking the pulse”. Blogs can add an additional searchable element and repository over time.

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