Uncorking P2P Research

September 11, 2003

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Are there more business models around P2P? Seems a good time to highlight this emerging research business. BigChampagne is bubbling in the media world. Like Zoomerang lowered the cost of market reserach BigChampagne is the online ethnographer. They simply observe – watching for behavior changes.

In fact, it tracks every download and sells the data to the music industry. How one company is turning file-sharing networks into the world’s biggest focus group. By Jeff Howe from Wired magazine. [Wired]

This month, I chatted with Kai Rissdal about the RIAA and BigChampagne, the company that gleans customer intelligence from filesharing networks. (The interview is in RealAudio.) [Z+Blog!]

This is Forrester’s view in August.. I’d ask youself how could they be wrong. Despite the RIAA threats… Big Champagne says file-sharing is up this week from August. Makes sense to me… back to school. Will music CD’s exist in 2008?

Hard media is in jeopardy: By 2008, revenues from CDs will be off 19%, while DVDs and tapes will drop 8%. Piracy and its cure — streaming and paid downloads — will drive people to connect to entertainment, not own it.

If you are like me scanning for early indicators — looking upstream from time to time to see what’s coming then Skype and Big Champagne are two “signals” that the world may be moving in this direction. When I mentioned Skype to George Por today he kindly referred me to an article by Michel Bauwens, “Peer to Peer -from technology to politics to a new civilization”. It was the first time I’d heard the meme “P2P Civilization“. I rather liked it. There is further thinking in the “Integrative Style” in this Text Index.

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