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September 11, 2003

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I did a little further checking on Skype this morning. Try this search. Here’s another article from InfoWorld With 10000+ users in a week I think it will blow all previous viral records.

I also looked up Stowe Boyd’s Corrante blog on IM to see if it was being reported and then e-mailed him. Within minutes he was calling me. Very cool. I’m easy to find “stuart_henshall”. I’ll confirm the sound quality was much better than any Yahoo or MSN voice connection I’ve ever had.

It also turns IM on its head. It’s ring centric. All those adults.. that are failing to understand messaging… understand how to make calls. Yep your PC will soon be ringing. Now what I want to know is:

  • What will the impact be on corporate systems… I’m sure employees will bring this in when they realize they can call anywhere… and not be logged on /via the corporate system? Will this add corporates to the sharing process? Will there be an enterprise package?
  • How will we control spam calls, telemarketing calls etc.
  • Will telemarketers who have been put on a “do not call list” have to comply with this service? Legal Issues?
  • Which blogger will give me an online/offline MT plug-in for my blog.
  • How soon will conference calls be available?
  • What will regulators and the tel co’s do to make it illegal?

    We could create a list of questions a mile long with this one. My perception is it is really disruptive. It has element of my “Circles” post in it. Then even Microsoft employees have said this is a forefone conclusion. See Darknet. I’d hope that the communications companies have been thinking about this. If not time to start on some scenarios! This is a consumer centric world. It’s small pieces loosely joined.

    I’m also seeing comments about Spyware. I’m less concerned. I don’t think that is the business model they are going after. At the moment anyone can call me. I just got a call from a kid in Finland. Clear as anything. However I don’t need robo bots on this one.

    Design Media: Usable Digital Media Skype, P2P telephony: A new P2P telephony software, Skype, is offered by the company that brought you Kazaa. One disadvantage is that, no one knows what spyware will come with this installation. But the advantage of p2p telephony offered by skype is, clients that are NATed or are behind firewlls can initiate the calls. Clients on publicly routable IP addresses will be able to proxy to NAT’ed nodes and route calls. Also, call quality is increased by keeping multiple connection paths open and dynamically choosing the one that is best suited at the time.

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