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September 12, 2003

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There’s plenty more out there on Skype today. The number of users online has doubled (from my observations) in a day. Currently there are 10049 users online. This is up from the 4500 approx early yesterday……. I noted yesterday. They claim 160000 downloads. So at this point probably close to 10% of the Skype population is staying online.

How many users will they need to have more computing power than the traditional switching networks? With 10000 online now.. Only 5% to 10% are actually staying online. I’d guess we can expect this to increase. If not it suggests consumers are using a particular strategy with the system perhaps wary of being connected P2P all the time. Eg… Use a current IM client turn on and switch to Skype for Voice. From a brand point of view the associations with Kazaa are both good and bad and I’m going to address that separately. Why isn’t the % participating higher? Well many will have problems with mics and sound. Others won’t have got their buddies on yet. Not everyone does it immediately. Easily fixed (get a headset) see the helpful hints below.

Things that … make you go hmm

160,000 Skype downloads in 12 days Skype helpful sound tips
Here’s a Miss Cleo prediction: Skype is going to be huge. Yesterday I tested (while working on a few technical support issues actually), chatting with several folks on both broadband and dialup and I remain very impressed with the sound quality. Remember, it’s still beta software, and thus there are some kinks, but it is catching on fast. Here’s a few helpful tips:

Stowe Boyd also reports on his take at Corrante IM I’ve also received a number of comments and trackback about “Spyware” concerns (any proof anyone?) and comments read the Eula. I’ve read the Eula – as much as one reads it… What should I be scared of there? Where is Larry Lessig on this? John Robb remains equally enthused.

Seem worthy to note… that from my perspective this is another one of those “blogging accelerates knowledge sharing” examples. I went to IMPlanet this am. Looking to see what they might be advising. Nothing! There is an IM conference in less than a month. Enterprise focus or not I think they should be hustling to “think outside the box”. Bloggers are beating the papers on this one! Combined Skype and blogging demonstrates how viral the “knowledge exchange” really is.

My rec… keep watching feedster on this one.

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