I’ve got to Skype – Bye!

September 14, 2003

in Accelerating Innovation

I just sent a note to a number of friends and colleagues around the world. Earlier I also put a note on Ryze and also today to put a Skype link on my blog. Talking to more readers might nurture this blog along. Don’t know if it works yet. Distance, locations and cost simply get in the way. I’m hoping by tomorrow I’ll have a few more on my friends list. It will add to Skype’s utility factor and make it more valuable. So I’m doing my thing today to spread the virus.

I also connected with Mum & Dad in New Zealand for the last hour. We had a magic chat as if they were in the next room although I’m in San Francisco! I wonder if Dad is currently the oldest user (75) on Skype? My mother couldn’t’ believe the sound quality and wanted to dial me right back. Up till today she didn’t believe in this Internet thing and all the e-mail. From my perspective – we may have turned a corner.

I’ve also see additional pointers that starting off with no friends presents a difficulty. Mitch makes a good point about useablity in his post. It is in the little details. From how we use profiles to our first screens. Some committed souls (not me) would man a help desk I’m sure. Could be easily done via the Skpye website.

UI insults Designing application interfaces that make people want to immediately jump in and use the software is an art. I’ve just downloaded Skype, the hot-right-now peer-to-peer voice over IP application. After installing, the first actual message I… [Ratcliffe Blog]

See it is not new. It is just that this time it works!

3-4 years ago we were asking the VoIP providers to create something like this for QuikkTUTOR. They never really got it. A few years after that for another venture we were looking for the same thing but with video as well. There were a few players but… [Tims Blog]

See also a list of known Skype problems Don’t look too serious so far.

Finally I’d still like to know the pronunciation. Rhyms with hype? Or more like this morning – when I heard – like sniper. Is it just me or is it really like SKIP? In other words when a SKYPER is done he or she has to SKYPE (Skip)?

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