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September 16, 2003

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I arrived at Stanford tonight for the Vlab event on “Social Networking is There Really a Business Model?” Traffic was light, so I had a little time to take some notes from my newsreader. So I began reading Denham Grey’s new blog.

Knowledge-at-Work started this week. It’s a unique opportunity to get in at a ground zero and grow as his blog develops. My first thought was how lucky I am. He’ll tickle my newsreader a few times a week, and is always going to make me think. It’s a more public “persistent conversation” that he is engaging in and I welcome it. I’m in a soundbite world. I will have something more tangible to trackback to. There is a good chance his blog will open his other knowledge spaces to me. With my own links I may indeed learn to use it better and perhaps gift a little in return. I’m still interested in Jazz-Blogging

His last post “On asking hard questions” was the one that forced me to take the time to study all his posts (5) to date. While I’m for hard questions I really prefer “better” questions, however that is just semantics. My net takeaway is that these questions are very systemic, and thus leave room for another set of questions that include, intuition, beliefs, and readiness for change. The best questions in the world won’t help the organization that’s in denial. While the philosophy that seeks better questions and runs with the accelerator down simply learns to be smarter faster.

A previous post provides interesting dataon the changing KM Discussions Link to KMBloggers for a sample of Denham’s KMwiki!

A knowledge space is where we gather to: share awareness, conduct productive inquiries, reflect upon persistent conversations and capture our thinking together.

A large part of the focus in my KmWiki has been to collect links and thoughts on tools, practices and design for collaborative spaces for knowledge work. The Wiki page serves as a summary and pointer to that work. The central theme has been to explore virtual spaces, affordances, rituals and tools that support social knowledge creation and innovation rather than storage, access, organization and retrieval of information. Some people feel I take the social aspects too far!

There is something enticing, exciting and alluring about knowledge spaces. In one very real sense, such spaces, when they exhibit effective social affordances, offer a glimpse of the future – collaborative innovation, continuous learning, profitable practice and strongly supported development.

It’s time to work on syndicating the KM Blogs in some way together.

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