Skype? or LivePerson

September 17, 2003

in Conversational Blogging

When words return it makes blogging a lot more satisfying. When I receive a call from a new Skype user who clicks on my blog and introduces himself as the organizer of last nights event you know answering created more value than ever losing him to a profile link on your site. I hope he doesn’t mind my sharing… he was using MP3 headphones as the speaker (see Skype help) and it worked just fine. Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to check out new technology. I’m sympathetic with his interest.

And no it’s not the only call I’ve had today. I began to think… wouldn’t it be nice to have a LiveBlogger behind every blog. I saw Don Parks post — too late his Skype link was gone. Would have liked his input. So all this connecting had me reflecting on LivePerson a business that I visited a few years ago. So I checked up on their claims for small businesses. Thought they may give me a hint as to the value of reaching a “LiveBlogger”. Here’s their pitch. :


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