Scotty’s Red Ryze Simply Stated

September 19, 2003

in Ryze

Abe thanks for so succinctly putting the Ryze revised brand problem. Let’s not hide it in comments. It is a gift.

I the more a I think about logos and community sites the more I think the branding should be so discreet its practically invisible. If the users make the site and the network is the application then the users need to have a sense of *ownership* over the space in order to invest the time to build the network. If the branding is loud then they’ll never really feel at home, and when was the last time you bought some furniture for someone else’s house?

I think it’s real clear in reading some of the keep friendster free messages that circulate on that site that the users really have a sense of ownership, so its no so surprising it keeps growing…

My BOLDING. My prediction. More will be RED on Ryze.

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