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September 22, 2003

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A smart community is allowed to weigh in on developing its future direction. Scotty’s Red Ryze saw follow-ups; “followed up last week with “Ryze – don’t let the sun go down“. Maybe it was just late night fun. I was temped to let it go until I learned Dina had asked the question in a couple of Ryze networks. So here’s the scoop (selected comments are hardly a sample). However the Ryze Logo change is a wonderful illustration for others around which a community forms. Just possibly it will help the team at Skype think though the “community” opportunities they have and the implications for creating an open dialogue.

I like this application of Feng Shui. I’d never thought of it that way before. Not everyone comes at a logo or a community with the same perspective.

From the fengshui point of view, on a page the element that occupies the topmost left corner is wood. the element colour being green. the colour red symobilises fire, which is totally destructive of wood. its not suitable at all.

However if the red logo was positioned in the centre ie. top centre of the page, it would help since the element for that portion is fire, element colour being red.
I will not be surprised if the majority feel uncomfortable about the red in that corner. try changing it to green or blue. it would definitely be more soothing
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Sandhya Advanii

More community centric are these great observations. Run a contest, let the creatives on Ryze get noticed.

If I were behind the RYZE scene – I would run a contest –
What should our logo look like ? Let:s see your Stuff…BRAND US!
…submissions have a dedicated posting page where WE the peeps get to VOTE………

RYZE wins all around… they get free graphic design, test market a winning logo that WE voted into being, create an internal buzz that moves them up a notch on the ” what can we do for our members” tip, deliver a non-verbal message everybody wants to hear, it’s YOUR community and last and most important – all the creatives who submit their work “Get Noticed” – which is one of the reason we are all here. Full Quote linkRosetta Stone

Brings us back to functionalities:

My take on Ryze is that it was the Craigslist of networking. It’s not all fussy about site design, and more about function. I think this logo, and the whole direction is caught in the middle. If you want to be simple, then don’t have a logo. If you want to build a brand, then do a GOOD logo. Certainly, with all the talent on this community, there had to be someone out there who could have done a compelling logo that’s easy on the eyes.
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Which are still underway according to Erlend Wilhelmsen who says.

“As some of you may be aware… Ryze is doing the implementation in phases – thus what you see now is perhaps 15% of the GUI we designed. Obviously, few of the IA or GUI improvements have been made and the visual ID is (clearly) not completed and/or representative of any sort of “brand building” efforts.”

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