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September 22, 2003

in Social Networks

David Sifry announced a new callto tag for Technorati. This should create some interesting new “social networking” and interesting directory creation opportunites while stirring up some new profiling options.

Technorati API.
The first is called getinfo. It tells you things that Technorati knows about a user. In the simplest case you can use getinfo to find out information that a blogger wants to make known about himself, along with some information that Technorati has calculated and verified about that person This information is available in HTML form at: . In this case, all the personal information that I want you to know about me is my username, and a link to a picture of myself, and the blogs I author. The second part of the document is a listing of the weblogs that the user has successfully claimed and the information that Technorati knows about these weblogs. This is the default, by the way. You’ll see lots of information in there, like the Name and URL of each blog, its RSS feed (if it exists), number of bloggers who are currently linking to it, when it was last updated, and some other optional data, like a link to a FOAF file, or GeoURL.

Will have to try it out.

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