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September 23, 2003

in Accelerating Innovation

Anyone yet getting tired of my Skype links? I just have to convert a few more of you. In my case (old that I am) my Skype buddy list is increasingly becoming more useful than anything I ever amassed on Yahoo, Aim or MSN. I still have many bloggers to go. What’s interesting is it reframes the context. This is my bloggiing community and I can talk to them and it is on my desktop. It’s like creating the office phone list. Then there are some I know that have Mac’s and that’s too bad. I’ve also confronted the doubters. Still try it. It is a useful frame of reference to put yourself in. It may change your thinking about how these social networking tools fit together. Today again brings plenty of helpful hints and noisy comments ……

There’s been some confusion with call tags. David again!

A couple of folks have stopped by and commented and said they were having problems with callto tags working with their browsers and Skype:Things that…

I also went back to Skype and re downloaded to get all their latest features. After yesterday suggesting you can share friends lists. That’s only likely to be possible with the latest version of Skype and I think both parties must have it for it to function. It’s in my toolbar but have found that it is not in the earlier versions. So download if you want to keep current with upgrades and new functionalities.

More comments on Skype via Metafilter some humorous, some intelligent. :

P2P Telephony | Metafilter

But the 911 thing is an issue, at least in the US, anyway.

“Ohmygod… FIRE! Quick, honey, turn the computer on!, call 911 with that program!!”

Really, who would use this for emergency phone calls? That’s too funny.

Makes me think about Windows. Would you entrust 911 to Windows… I doubt it. At least you would know that the sound quality is excellent. How do they get it that way?

The wizard behind the curtain? Global IP sound supplies voice processing software for Skype. Global IP Sound demonstrated Skype [Things that …]

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