Underground Internet.

September 23, 2003

in Accelerating Innovation

Useful update and article via the Arlington Institute on Darknets at Business Week. I do have reservations about the naming and the category “darknets” some may indeed be dark, however they just facilitate more effectively what has been done through the ages.

The Underground Internet – (BusinessWeek.com – September 15, 2003) “Darknets”, metaphorical gated communities that work below the radar of
firewalls, filters, search engines, and identity regulations pose a serious risk to the securities of the regular internet. These new establishments will
allow for pirated software to sail from computer to computer without government
regulation. Not only is this a problem for entertainment industries, but it will
also generate an overflow of the information barriers established by authoritarian
regimes. Hypothetically, a student in a regulated country could obtain restricted
documents as long as he or she were connected to a “darknet”.”

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