Skype Dinner: TONIGHT 6:00-9:00pm Details

September 24, 2003

in Accelerating Innovation

This confirms the venue for tonights Skype Dinner is “Pacific Coast Brewing Company” See Directions and be there around 6:00pm. Will be fun. They apparently have WiFi online.

Need more info…. Skype me: Stuart Henshall” or Phil Wolff

Like the idea of P2P telephony? See opportunities for Skype and blogging. Want to explore SkypeWorld? Got some programming ideas? Come join us for some brainstorming and fun….

Stuart Henshall and I need to talk. We talked on Skype. Now we’re going to talk in person. Join us for dinner in Oakland this Wednesday. On the agenda:

  • What are the traditional business opportunities for Internet telephony?
  • What are the non-traditional, blog and social software -based business opportunities?
  • What would we ask Skype to open to independent developers?

[a klog apart]

Also listed today on Ryze HERE

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