Skype for TalkBack Blog?

September 26, 2003

in Accelerating Innovation

I’m having a blast here listening to a live broadcast from TDavid. Very humorous and completely off topic for me. He’s set up his weekly show in a talkback format this the audience has the option to call in using Skype. It has reframed my idea of what and how simply this can be done. Come-on Clay Shirky… when is the first “Many to Many” Talkback?

So what’s happening? I’m listening to the broadcast via winamp and running IRC in trillian. People are Skyping in and Tdavid has a 800 line as well. Early question was a real insight. Instant use of the Callto tag straight from the IRC window. This is experimenting messing around doing it live trying to get the audio mixing right. I’m generally amazed at the sound quality. The set up is using two computers. David is broadcasting from one and the second computer is being used for the Skype call-ins. There’s little latency in this whole system.

A shot of — a desk and the second computer. …

web image.jpg webimg 3.jpg

Equipment requires two computers and a few mics speakers etc. Cheap call it $50, more expensive $250 with some slicker audio mixing. Take the out of the mixing board and plug it into the other computer and using shoutcast start the live record.

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