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September 29, 2003

in Accelerating Innovation

Phil adds to the Skype meme below with additional “wants” that I’ve also been mulling over. It lead me to a few more to start the week.

   1. Auto – Info Profile: For eveyone not on my buddy list each incoming call should automatically open their profile. I may also want to specify that for all profiles filled with less than x-details Eg: First Name / Last Name, location etc.. to notify sender that I don’t accept calls that don’t match this criteria without ringing me.

   2. Profile / Photo Fix. I’d like to insure I see photos of friends on my buddy list when they call. They could be incorporated into the directory as well. I’d like to insure that all others photo’s are optional “view photo” when the info advice is received. Concern will grow about offensive photos.

   3. Call Message Integration: For those I’m calling who are not on my buddy list I’d suggest a two-click calling option. This would enable me to send a short personalized message with my profile when placing the call. For example providing a business reason for the call.

   4. Timestamp: I need timezones in my buddylist and a current time for caller in their info file. This may be further enhanced with some form of “politeness” time management system.

   5.   GeoUrl: Adding where we are in the world might tie-to timestamps. However even more specific tie-ins may enhance the opportunities for social networking. Some WiFi applications are already experimenting in this area. With time I’m sure “online” Skype users within X area may prove interesting.

From a klog apart

  • I want to use Skype to record interviews: I’d think this could be done already. Although the solution wouldn’t be elegant. (there are also some laws against recording telephone conversations for what it is worth). TDavids setup (refer Skype for TalkBack Blogging) which used two computers. An analog version could be done via a tape-recorder using the input and output jacks.
  • A privacy proxy will hide my profile (until I’m ready to reveal it) and hide my IP address. At first I just thought open a onetime name although this wouldn’t hide the IP address. However, an Internet Cafe would likely provide the same option.
  • Skyperolls should be sharable. I’d want to be able to merge skyperolls.
  • I’ve already found the functionality of “tools” – “send contacts” to be very useful. I’m wondering if I can upload my picture file to Blogrolling or Technorati with an integrated Skype callto link?

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