VoIP and the Internet Cafe

September 29, 2003

in Accelerating Innovation

On Friday I blogged about Skype being a walled garden I was also thinking about Skype’s potential third world business opportunities with Internet Cafe’s. So it just proves that when you become aware and start looking for emerging indicators…. that just maybe it’s in the news.

Networking the Telecom Industry

Utilizing the communications channels built to terminate international voice calls into Vietnam, AMEI will create a staging platform that will allow their joint venture partners to promote, market and sell a selection of telecommunications solutions throughout Vietnam. The system will be configured to both place and receive telephone calls. AMEI will provide the necessary hardware and software for the partners to implement the VoIP calling system in each of their Internet Cafes. These devices will be routed directly back to AMEI in North America, where the calls will be routed on a least-cost routing basis to their final destinations. AMEI is currently testing two gateway networks offering bundled long distance packages in order to maximize discounts of up to 70% to its venture partners.

The beta system testing will take approximately two weeks after which AMEI and its partners have projected a minimum volume of 10,000,000 minutes a month of long distance usage, representing over $ 1,000,000 USD per month of gross revenue to the Company. Unlike North America, Vietnam and its burgeoning economy have minimal communications systems infrastructures in place and the average citizen has to rely on outlets such as Internet Cafes for access to the Internet and/or long distance calling. These Cafes, many of which are open twenty four hours.

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