Phone Buttons for Skype? Shortcuts?

October 2, 2003

in Accelerating Innovation

Now that the phone is in my PC I need some new buttons. You know the simple keys to answer, to ring, to switch from speakers to headphones on answer and back on hang-up. A quick key to bring up my directory. Rather than finding my mouse and clicking. Might be nice if IBM or Dell integrated “Skype” buttons on the laptop. With a PDA in the future I’ll just want a press to answer and again to hang-up. At the moment I’m inevitably looking for the Skype window to “hang-up”. Both of us have opened other screens. It’s two clicks to hang up and there is an unnatural delay while we both struggle to “red” the phone.

In the short term…. Are shortcut keys possible? Can I put the shortcuts in my Outlook? Can I use a Cntrl -“a” to answer and switch to headphones? Or can I just assign F10 anwer, F11 hangup, F12 directory? Can I dial frommy skype directory with the digits of a persons name?

Anyone out there enhanced their keyboard yet to do this??? What’s the answer?

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