Flashtalk or Skype?

October 8, 2003

in Accelerating Innovation, Chat & IM, Social Software

Flashtalk is a new “talking instead of typing” application. It’s not Skype and potentially aimed at a different market. I’ve already discarded it unless someone gives me a real good reason to continue.

Quickly compared to Skype it doesn’t offer a text chat function, is less intuitive and is a little too e-mail centric re adding friends for my liking. I managed one call using their “Find a Friend” function. The voice quality was less than I’ve experienced on Skype. On the plus side add more search capabilities and the dating sites will have to change their execution. It demonstrates how this would work. There can’t be many on it for I’m still waiting to be connected to another friend.


A person identifying themselves as Stuart Henshall is using an amazing new communications product called FlashTalk, that lets people speak to each other over the Internet, without any per minute or per call cost, much like instant messaging but without any typing.
Stuart Henshall has defined this email address (xxxxxx ) as their primary email address when using FlashTalk, which allows people within the FlashTalk network to contact Stuart using this email address.

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