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October 8, 2003

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Don’t ask Skype to add “stuart is typing” in the text window anytime soon. While all major IM’s have this it isn’t clear for how long. Seeing it is a big boys game Has Skype already filed their patents on IC (Instant Communicator)? Yet how enforceable will they be?

Microsoft has won a patent for an instant messaging feature that notifies users when the person they are communicating with is typing a message.

The patent encompasses a feature that’s not only on Microsoft’s IM products but also on those of its rivals America Online and Yahoo. The patent was granted on Tuesday.

Patent No. 6,631,412 could serve as a weapon in Microsoft’s battle for IM market share. Microsoft is investing heavily in IM as a springboard for selling communication software to businesses. News: Microsoft pockets an IM patent

Can the text box change color when the other person is typing? Could we enable a light key stroke sound in voice mode? What about just using the Glance type program earlier today to simply show what they are typing – erasing – typing and then commiting to the record. Could be time for a better solution.

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