Book Writing Using Blogs

October 13, 2003

in Knowledge Innovation

I’ve had a request from a friend who is interested in developing his next book using a blog as a platform. Can anyone direct me to specific examples? I imagine some of the books on blogging have emerged in this way. This is more likely to be a “leadership” text. I can think of books that emerged from e-mail exchanges. I’m not familiar with one bookieblog production now.

Separately, any thoughts on the following approach for using the blog to fill the book outline.

  • Set the blog up with the home page focused on the Book title and introduction. Invite some guest bloggers to comment. Index to book on left. summaries on the balance. Post oriented to be topic related rather than date oriented.
  • Open categories for each chapter. Create sub-categories that include dialogue, research, and references. Enable comments and idea submissions.
  • Use the right column (three column) to list the latest additions.
  • Set up a References index that aggretates all references and links to blog page etc.
  • Similarly create archive by chapter rather than month etc.
  • Enable core themes to emerge in additional categories.
  • Creating interest might be done by sending “snips” to an RSS feed. Rewriting chapters may become difficult. The book may also not be written in chronological order.

    So maybe what I’m looking for is a wiki-blog solution. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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