Evangelist Needs Strategic Advice

October 17, 2003

in Skype Journal

I’ve been recognized for evangelism!

The need to evangelize Skype to use it, also helped the products success. Also, blogs like Unbound Spiral kept the meme alive and kept pumping new information about the product. Design Media:

I’m both pleased and concerned. I’m passionate about the changes that are emerging and frustrated I’m the “free” evangelist referred to below.

Evangelists are needed during the design phase to put in killer features and test their “wow factor”. Currently, the features the alpha users like are become more important to the success of the product. Some of the alpha users, if impressed, may turn into a free evangelist for the product. Design Media:

This is a great article. It points out how important “evangelists” are to getting the “Wow factor”. Nice to see in print. It’s what I’ve done in many a company. This is a space where I know I will make a difference. Then one is also faced with a dilemma. How much to share? How much to just blog and give away?

The ‘Wow factor’ and a products success: All products need a “Wow factor” to grab the attention of the target audience. Usability comes at a later stage, but the wow factor is what gets the user to try the product. It might be a new look, a new use or a new feature. What is important about the wow factor is that it should be completely ‘new’ to the user, nothing similar to any other product. Design Media:

So what should my Skype and broader personal strategy be??? What do you recommend I do?

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